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Colonel L.L. Rice founded Nakanawa Camps for Girls in 1920, and they were under his direction until 1947 when Miss Elisabeth Mitchell (Mitch) became the owner and director for 34 years. Beginning in 1981, the camp has been under the direction of Ann and Pepe Perron.

Since established, Nakanawa has offered a program designed to enable each camper to acquire skill in various games and sports in an atmosphere that develops character and a spirit of unselfishness in a fun filled environment. Nakanawa is located on the Cumberland Plateau in Crossville, Tennessee at an elevation of 2000 feet.

With its one thousand acres of forest, fields, and private lake, it is a complete and perfect camp site. The spring-fed lake is free from pollution and covers approximately 150 acres. Located directly across the lake from each other are Junior and Senior Camps.

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Nakanawa recruits young women who enjoy camping, have a skill to teach, like the out-of-doors, and, most importantly, give of themselves to the girls.

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